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The  Employees


  A balanced well trained dog is key to the success of any professional dog trainer's business.  A trainer's personal dogs are like his/her business card.  They tell you a lot about the talent of the trainer and what kind of relationship your trainer creates with a dog. 

  A calm, obedient dog that trusts its handler is also vital for the training and rehabilitation of client dogs. Essential in any aggression rehabilitation a non reactive training dog is needed to train and desensitize a dog aggressive dog.  From modeling appropriate behavior to serving  as a distraction in training, a trainers dog becomes a vital “employee” excpecting nothing more as payment but a cookie and a “good dog”.





*the soul who started it all*

Rotteweiler/Belgian Terveurn


Malachy was rescued as a puppy from a neglect situation where his mother  (a pure Rottweiler) was left tied to a horse trailer  with thirteen puppies.    By the time he was 6 months old he had bitten 3 people and killed numerous unfortunate fowl as well as other small furry critters. He had an intensely high prey drive, was overly protective and an all around out of control dog. I spoke to several well known trainers and was told to euthanize him without ever meeting him or doing an evaluation on him, deeming him “a lost cause”  that would never amount to anything more than trouble. That is when I took matters into my own hands and became intensely involved in dog training.  I had to adjust my feelings and preconceived ideas of what I thought training a dog should consist of and in the end spent 10 beautiful years with world’s greatest dog. For those of you that were lucky enough to have met Malachy and have had your dogs rehabbed by him know how sorely he is missed.


Jack Russell Terrier

*resident tennis ball destroyer*

Bailey is loves to learn tricks. Some of his favorites are get your leash, beg, paw, roll over, roll over in a blanket, opening presents, picking cards out of a deck, jump into my arms and currently he’s learning to climb a ladder. He prefers to spend his summers swimming in any body of water, puddles included.  He is a typical quirky intense Jack Russell with springs for back legs.




Lab Mix

*the paper shredder*

Allie was sent to me as a last resort evaluation. She was scheduled to be euthanized as per her rescue due to some issues that deemed her unadoptable. She has an incredible food drive which made her  very motivated to learn. She came to me knowing nothing more than sit and is currently working toward competeing in AKC agility trials.




*seriously that’s what she is*

Bella is our latest addition to our pack. She is a Bahamian Potcake from Turks and Caicos rescued and shipped to the US by some kind hearted rescue people.  She is a shy, sweet girl who is extremely intelligent.


Brody is an 8 year old shep/rottie mix that was seized by the SPCA in a neglect case. Brody lived his whole life chained up to a beat up dog house with no food, medical attention, or human to show him love. Brody was seized awaiting his fate at a local shelter. We without a second thought knew we needed to foster him and in true LTP fashion a year and a half later realized what foster failures we are. Brody loves squeaky tennis balls and lives the life of a true Team adventurer making up for his years of lost time tied to the end of a chain.


Jack is a 14+ year old Jack Russell that found himself at a local shelter, wondering what the heck happened! Weeks went by and no one ever came looking for poor Jack. We have no idea how or why he ended up where he did but we knew he couldn’t stay there. Jack is our last foster failure and couldn’t be any sweeter of an old man! He loves to chill on the couch and doesn’t miss a chance to jump in the car to go anywhere his pack goes!